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 These are the days that we all must get our wavering places straight and anchor ourselves in truth. Whatever you waver on today will be what you will sell out to tomorrow. The enemy will be used in this hour to cause many to see which spirit they are of. The eyes shall be made to see and the ears to hear so we may clearly know which way to go. To those who are unholy let them remain unholy…and to those who are righteous let them remain righteous…for if it is possible the very elect of God shall be deceived, because it is time to know the true thought of the heart and no longer the head.

The Lord shall bring down every high thing that has exalted itself above the knowledge of Christ Jesus. It is the knowledge of man that "puffeth up" but it is the knowledge of Christ that makes every man humble. We shall see many perish and fall because they lack His knowledge. For the Lord shall exalt the humble and humble the exalted. These are the days says the Lord where righteousness and justice shall move over the earth to establish the throne of the King and his Kingdom. It shall be a time of recompense and reward for the righteous as well as the time of greater judgment for the wicked in my house says the Lord. It shall be said "Oh how the mighty have fallen".

Published in Voice of The Prophets