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Saturday, 09 August 2014 21:38

Kingdom Come: The Secret of the Blood Moons

Kingdom Come: The Secret of the Blood Moons


Kingdom Come: The Secret of the Blood Moons

Kingdom Come: The Secret of the Blood Moons

Gleaners Field Press is proud to announce the release of “Kingdom Come: The Secret of the Blood Moons”.

In April 2014 the world was witness to the Blood Moon phenomenon. Cameras clicked. Observers cheered. It was talked about on Twitter. It was covered by news and entertainment programs globally. People everywhere were smitten as they gazed at the incredible, G-d-like splendor. People marveled at its visual brilliance. Could something this profound merely be a picturesque portrait?

The answer is no! These events contain a divine language, which is meant for us.

So, what does it all really mean? What does it signify? How might it impact us in our own personal lives? Men and women have searched to the heavens since the beginning of time. But this rare event has captured the imagination of the entire world. And for good reason. There will be four Blood Moons in the next eighteen months. All of them will fall exactly on the days of the Biblical Feasts!

The conversations will continue. Questions will be asked. Will the answers come from global leaders? Is there anything we must do?   Click Here to order From Amazon

What about the Hand of G-d? What about holiness in a world that has become unhinged? Do these factors work in divine decree to give us the answers we desire? Will they reveal our destiny?

There has never been a book like this. The Secret of the Blood Moons could only be written as a love letter to God: A fearless, heartfelt search for the truth.

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