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 The eternal Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is undergoing monumental metamorphosis.  We are coming out of much tribulation, shedding our wine skins of old and putting on wine skins anew.  Luke 5:37 tells us, “And no one puts new wine into old skins, otherwise the new wine will burst the skins, and it will be poured out, and the skins will be destroyed;”   The Church in this hour is being transformed and awakened to the full measure of her purpose and destiny.  God is raising up His people with great acceleration to become vessels fit for the new wine of supernatural power.  These called out ones are so thirsty for wine of the Spirit and so hungry to doing the will of the Father that they are willing to let go of manmade traditions and old religious structures.   They are willing to break fanatical allegiance with denominationalism and are become a part of the uniting forces of God.   There are many who talk about how much they know God; however this season will be marked with a divine attestation of the genuine anointing that will only be found upon those who are known by God.  Those truly called of God in this hour will be described like Stephen, as being righteous and full of the Holy Ghost.  We are all being called to walk in a new wine skin if we are going to carry the new wine.   In this aeon, this generation is being called to bear the apostolic and prophetic kingdom wine skin of our day.   God’s distinction and seal upon His fivefold in this hour is that there will be a heavier burden for lost souls, a call to effective and fervent prayer and fasting and a pursuit of the fruits of the Spirit more than the gifts of the Spirit.  


Published in Voice of The Apostles