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Dear Positioned Ones:

The Lord awakened me at 1:30 this morning to go to war and do spiritual battle over His people. He is revealing to me how the last 3-year period (He showed me) is coming to a close. Now He is beginning to show me how we must make accelerated shifts to be established in the next 3-year period. These are both spiritual and survival tips. Pray that I will be able to communicate these clearly.

Why We Need to Understand Divine Alignment and Positioning!

When Pam and I got up this morning, we began to pray about Japan and watch the news for any of the latest developments that the people and nation are experiencing. I hope you read our word which was recently sent out (click here to view).


James W. Goll

The following is an excerpt from the first chapter of my book Praying for Israel's Destiny. The book is solid and relevant for these days. Having been an Israel Intercessor for many years, these truths roll out of my heart with ease. May you be enlightened and encouraged to take a stand in these perilous times.

1. Israel is Still the Apple of God's Eye, and His Inheritance

Pray and take a stand for Israel because Israel is still very close to God's heart. I have already shared Zechariah 2:8, which says, "He who touches you, touches the apple of His eye." Centuries before Zechariah prophesied these words, Moses wrote a song containing a very similar picture:

"For the Lord's portion is His people; Jacob is the allotment of His inheritance...He encircled him, He cared for him, He guarded him as the pupil of His eye...He spread His wings and caught them. He carried them on His pinions." Deuteronomy 32:9-11

Psalm 148:14 declares, "And He has lifted up a horn for His people, praise for all His godly ones; even for the sons of Israel, a people near to Him." Did you hear that? "A people near to Him." I love that!

Bob and Bonnie Jones

The Year of the Ox, The Year of the Eagle, The Year of the Lion and the Year of the Man

I think many of you have heard me share about what started in '09 with the year of the ox; and '09 was a very tough plowing year. I'm coming out of Ezekiel 1, which is a prophecy that He gave me. So '09, the ox plowed all year not knowing why. '10 is the year of the eagle, so every one of you have got all the seed you ever need to sow. You should sow it every place you go; re-sow it in your family, re-sow it in restaurants, re-sow it in churches, and re-sow it every place you go, for your seed will never run out.

I've noticed that some seeds that I sowed 30 or 35 years ago looked like they were never going to sprout, but in the last year these people that I sowed it into have come to salvation. So once you sow the seed of God, it whirls around people in this earth forever – so sow it. It may lay under the clod for many, many years, but things will take place in peoples' lives before that seed gets alive; so don't quit sowing, don't get discouraged, keep going.

The Year of the Eagle will end on September the 10th, for I go with the Lord's calendar, which the Jews claim is theirs; but it's really not theirs, it's the Lord's. On September the 10th, the New Year begins. It's the Year of the Lion, so it's time that the Lion begins to roar. When the lion roars, he roars into the earth; he doesn't roar into the air, he roars into the earth. He says, "This is my territory," and the vibrations will go out for miles and miles.

Saturday, 26 February 2011 05:45

Chuck Pierce: It's Time To Go Beyond

Written by Lawrence Zolnowski

You are going beyond in relationships. The friends of last season will now become the allies in the new season. The enemies of the last season may not be your enemy in this season. Go beyond your idea and your concept. I am bringing you into a new place where you are seeing beyond.

In the past I told you to look and look again. But in this season I am telling you to look, look again and look beyond. Look, look again and look beyond because beyond is the fullness of the promise. Beyond is the clustering that I have sent. Beyond is the positioning. Beyond is the alignment. Beyond is the release. So look, look again and look beyond!

Thursday, 24 February 2011 04:30

Rick Joyner: Maturing in the Prophetic

Written by Lawrence Zolnowski
Rick Joyner

The Purpose of Prophecy

We have begun to discuss the levels of prophetic revelation from impressions to being caught up into Heaven such as Paul and John did in the New Testament. Generally, it makes sense that the more dramatic, or high level the revelation, the more important it is. Others seem to think that the more high level the revelation, the greater the ministry of the prophet, but neither of these may be the case. We have learned that the level of revelation is more related to the difficulty of the task than to the importance of the revelation or the level of the authority of the prophet. For this reason, when we go through seasons of not receiving much revelation, especially what we are calling high-level revelation, we should learn to be content, and use these times for sinking our roots deeper into sound Biblical truth, searching the Scriptures.

As the prophecies of the end times all make clear, as we get closer to the end of the age, the difficulties will be increasing. This is why we see in Joel 2 and Acts 2 that in the last days the level of prophetic revelation will likewise be increasing. In these difficulties, we do need more clear guidance.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011 05:28

James Goll: 11 Scriptures for 2011

Written by Lawrence Zolnowski

Intro by James Goll:

Blessings to each of you in Christ Jesus! It is such an honor to bring you prayer bulletins each week for our Global Prayer Storm and prophetic teachings in A View from My Chair. We must continue to pray for the Middle East. May a true People's Revolution take place there for Jesus Christ's sake!

The 14th, of course, is Valentine's Day – but in my family's life – it was the birthday of a great lady named Michal Ann Goll. This will be her third birthday spent in Heaven rejoicing with Jesus, the angels, our parents, grandparents and many dear friends. Thank God for Heaven and the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, our dear Lord and Savior! Jesus, tell Annie we love her, miss her and we are carrying on her legacy. Praying to the Lord of the Harvest!

Transition – We Must Move Forward

While I align with the Hebrew calendar of 5771, I also honor the civil calendar of 2011. I find that the Holy Spirit is quite capable of speaking to us in both calendars. Many prophetic voices have stated, 2011 is a year of great transition. I wholeheartedly agree! It could be a year of great turmoil and disruption in the nations as well. The Holy Spirit is having me revisit the things He showed as many as 20 years ago and is bringing me to the realization that these are the beginning of the days He was speaking to me about in those earlier years.

We need to transition in this year by moving forward in many levels into a fuller realm of authentic apostolic life and greater discipleship. 11 is an odd number. It is a year that things have to be resolved! We must move forward. I cannot over emphasize this point. It is imperative. I keep feeling that there is something coming soon on the horizon called electromagnetic pulses. It has to do with communication systems being attacked and disrupted. So let's be ready in prayer to move into crisis intervention at any moment!

Greetings friends,

Already 2011 is proving to be a pivotal year. Wanda and I had a very fruitful trip to Ireland and England in January. Chuck Pierce joined us in England and we all felt the level of hunger was quite invigorating along with the receptivity of the messages. God is enlarging our capacity for Him and imparting desperation within the remnant company who are contending for His manifest presence. The Lord spoke to me in December and said the more people we can mobilize in agreement with this message the quicker will come our promised outpouring.

I will include a few of the revelatory phrases that were shared in those meetings in hopes of imparting a sense of direction for the next 24 months:

1. For many our paths will be redirected.

2. Now is the time for stepping into our future. Gideon paradigm – prophesying according to our future not our history.

Rick Joyner

This week we will study the prophetic gifts and how they work in us. When we do, many will realize that they have been working in them, but did not understand them. Even so, this is not a science but a relationship. We are listening to a Person, not just learning formulas and procedures.

Prophecy Works Through Friendship with God

In Amos 3:7 we are told, "Surely the Lord GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets." There is nowhere in the Law that the Lord obligated Himself to do this, but He does it because He does not want to do anything without sharing it with His friends, which is the basic essence of prophetic ministry – friendship with God. The prophets are those who have become so close to God that He does not want to do anything without sharing it with them.

Friday, 11 February 2011 07:12

Patricia King: Metamorphosized!

Written by Lawrence Zolnowski

This is a year of transition. Transitions often are remarkable, wonderful, and glorious, once you are through them. Recently I was helping a friend process some things regarding a transition season they were currently experiencing. The Lord gave me a clear word for her: "You are in a process of metamorphosis."

Many are Experiencing Spiritual Metamorphosis

Over the next 24 hours I received a word of knowledge that many in the Body are currently experiencing this spiritual metamorphosis.

The proverbial example used to describe this process is that of the caterpillar in its cocoon. It enters the cocoon as a caterpillar but exits a butterfly. It is a brand new creature when the process is completed. Everything about it is different. It enters as a crawling creature that consumes and destroys plants and exits a graceful butterfly that deposits life-giving pollen, granting plants and trees reproduction and fruitfulness. The metamorphosis transformed a consumer into a producer of life and beauty.

 These are the days that we all must get our wavering places straight and anchor ourselves in truth. Whatever you waver on today will be what you will sell out to tomorrow. The enemy will be used in this hour to cause many to see which spirit they are of. The eyes shall be made to see and the ears to hear so we may clearly know which way to go. To those who are unholy let them remain unholy…and to those who are righteous let them remain righteous…for if it is possible the very elect of God shall be deceived, because it is time to know the true thought of the heart and no longer the head.

The Lord shall bring down every high thing that has exalted itself above the knowledge of Christ Jesus. It is the knowledge of man that "puffeth up" but it is the knowledge of Christ that makes every man humble. We shall see many perish and fall because they lack His knowledge. For the Lord shall exalt the humble and humble the exalted. These are the days says the Lord where righteousness and justice shall move over the earth to establish the throne of the King and his Kingdom. It shall be a time of recompense and reward for the righteous as well as the time of greater judgment for the wicked in my house says the Lord. It shall be said "Oh how the mighty have fallen".

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